Reenactments: Medienpraktiken zwischen Wiederholung und kreativer Aneignung

7 September 2016 | Mentions


"Reenactments as media practices of re-staging and re-experiencing never just repeat, but are always creative-productive media appropriations, which in turn create new medial forms."


"Many authors do still rely on a simplified scheme of 'source culture and 'target culture', introduced by Pavis though the actual interchanging and learning of traditions, as far as Asian repertoires are concerned, seems more complex and multiply recursive as well as controlled within and between particular stage companies; see Pavis 1996. The practices of the Singaporean 'Intercultural Theatre Institute' (ITl) are quite a different matter as far as the appropriations and mixtures of performance styles are concerned. One may, however, remind aficionados that Singaporean political realities are quite different from theatrical collaboration: since Lee Kuan Yew's presidency, the policy of clear segregation of 'racial' groups (Chinese, Malays, Indians) is upheld by legal agendas that make intermarriage most difficult, an actual taboo. It is frowned upon, since, so argued Lee - similar to his arch enemy in Kuala Lumpur. the then head of state, Mahathir - the mixing would decrease the IQ of children. Both racists had studied anthropology in their younger years, but embraced clear sociobiological tendencies. These policies however are not reflected in the daily 'borrowing' of repertoires from other cultures (including the all-pervasive fashion houses of the West and Japan). The daily practices of employment and social standing are clearly reflected in segregated housing and eating areas as well (with the exception of the 'Grand Magasins', hubs of wealthy tourism and the Singaporean middle and upper classes of all 'ethnic' - self-ascribed - groupings)." (Colonial Erasure, Klaus-Peter Köpping, p. 59)

Reenactments: Medienpraktiken zwischen Wiederholung und kreativer Aneignung
Editors: Anja Dreschke, Ilham Huynh, Raphaela Knipp, David Sittler
Publisher: transcript Verlag, 2016
ISBN 3839429773, 9783839429778