• Spectators in the spotlight

    03 Jul 2017

    'Two participatory arts events last week deliberately put the audience in the spotlight and the results were eye-opening.

    Instead of watching a scripted and staged performance, people witnessed the theatre of public opinion as more than 40 discussants debated hot-button issues in Art As Res Publicae.

    ... Despite the fiery topics, the discussion was tame, in part because the organisers' attempts to bring in known conservative voices were unsuccessful. As arts educator T. Sasitharan said, there was no elephant in the room. He called for the authorities to allow more spaces for differences to flourish and differing voices to have their say.' 

    - The Straits Times

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  • Singapore arts fest kicks off with OPEN forum on pluralism, eldercare

    30 Jun 2017

    'Singapore International Festival of Arts begins its pre-fest series The OPEN with two nights of discussions on caring for the elderly in Singapore, and dealing with different views among its people.

    ... What was initially hoped by many to be a lively discussion between parties with clashing perspectives turned out to be a storm in a teacup, with invited conservative individuals declining to participate.

    During his closing remarks, theatre artist and Cultural Medallion recipient T Sasitharan pointed out the one-sided scenario that unfolded and described the evening as one where artists were “preaching to the converted”.'

    - Channel NewsAsia

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  • Review: WOMEN at Troy & Thesmophoria by Intercultural Theatre Institute

    25 Mar 2017

    'All in all, ITI has succeeded once again in using this performance as a means to cross boundaries and share various cultures via theatre. There’s both a strong educational and entertainment component in this piece, and here’s to more interesting, cultural pieces on our local stage in future as well.'

    Bak Chor Mee Boy

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  • Government planning first national blueprint for heritage in Singapore

    09 Mar 2017

    'One of the organisations that benefited from the CMF scheme is Intercultural Theatre Institute (ITI), an independent theatre school.

    Formerly the Theatre Training & Research, it was founded in April 2000 by Cultural Medallion recipient T. Sasitharan and the renowned late playwright Kuo Pao Kun.

    With support from CMF, ITI was able to increase its number of studios from two to four, and install more suitable flooring for its training rooms. The increase in training space also provided opportunities for more students to enrol at ITI, and even host visiting students from overseas on immersion programmes.

    Goh Su Lin, general manager at the institute, said: “For us, with support from CMF, ITI was able to plan for more long-term goals and deliverables. Donations and their match have enabled us to create scholarships for Singapore students. The larger training spaces have provided opportunities for more students to enrol at ITI, and also host visiting students from overseas on immersion programmes. This (has helped) amplify ITI’s work.”

    Donors to ITI have included lawyer and novelist Philip Jeyaretnam, co-founder of AL Wealth Partners Leonardo Drago, and private bank EFG Bank Singapore.

    Regarding the top-up to the CMF, Goh said it can only be a positive sign.

    “CMF has not just attracted, but deepened donors’ commitment, not just for ITI, but for other arts charities as well. To that end, we hope that CMF will not be a short-term initiative, but will become an integral part of the cultural philanthropy landscape in Singapore,” she said.'

    - TODAY

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  • $150m culture fund top-up could draw new donors: Groups

    23 Feb 2017

    'Intercultural Theatre Institute general manager Goh Su Lin said the fund "has not just attracted but deepened donors' commitment" to the school.

    The school uses contributions by individuals like lawyer Philip Jeyaretnam and corporates such as EFG Bank Singapore, together with money from the fund, to create student scholarships, and increase and improve its studios and training rooms. 

    ... Said the Intercultural Theatre Institute's Ms Goh: "We hope that the Cultural Matching Fund will not just be a short-term initiative, but will also become an integral part of the cultural philanthropy landscape in Singapore."'

    - The Straits Times

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  • 'Writers should be free to draw from other cultures'

    01 Nov 2016

    'How an artist draws from the cultures of others is important, says Mr T. Sasitharan, director of the Intercultural Theatre Institute.

    "This freedom of the artist to use an aspect of some culture other than his own carries with it a serious and profound responsibility to understand and be sensitive to its context, history and politics," he adds.

    "In the final analysis, it comes down to artistic empathy, creativity and craft. The way in which diverse cultural elements hang together in a work and how they are received is precisely the line which separates the artists from the pretenders, the artists from the appropriators."'

    - The Straits Times

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  • Poems inspire works in other media

    29 Sep 2016

    'Theatre student Henrik Cheng, who is at the Intercultural Theatre Institute, will transform Rasiah Halil's Warkah Untuk Ibu (An Epistle for Mother).'

    - The Straits Times

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  • Spike in arts attendance last year

    29 Sep 2016

    'Of the proposed change, Ms Goh Su Lin, general manager of the Intercultural Theatre Institute, a Major Grant recipient, said: "It is encouraging that different types of artistic work and contribution, and their different challenges and needs, are being acknowledged."'

    - The Straits Times

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  • More Singaporeans supported the arts last year: Survey

    28 Sep 2016

    'Mr Kenneth Kwok, NAC’s director for strategic planning and arts and youth, explained: “The arts scene has evolved and we don’t think a single framework can accommodate everyone.

    “We do feel that there are arts groups that want to focus more on bridging work like audience development and audience outreach, targeting specific communities like the disabled and seniors.

    “There are also art groups like the Intercultural Theatre Institute that do intermediary work, really helping the industry to grow.

    “We are hoping that by having these customised tracks, we can encourage more people to say this is what they want to specialise in, this is what they want to do, and get NAC to help them to do it well,” he added.'

    - TODAY

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  • Review: Plaything of the Gods by Intercultural Theatre Institute

    08 Sep 2016

    'Have you ever wondered just how in control of your life you are? Plaything of the Gods is literally about that – hypothesising that human beings are simply puppets, providing entertainment value for higher beings.

    Written and directed by Bambang ‘Besur’ Suryono, ITI’s full-time faculty member, Plaything of the Gods is a theatrical production based on the traditional Indonesian dance Wayang Wong and is set in contemporary times. Wayang Wong traditionally uses human actors to take on the what would usually be puppets’ roles, depicting stories from the Hindu Ramayana and Mahabharata. Performances like this contemporary version use a combination of dance, music, drama, art and mask work to create a completed piece of theatrical movement. This piece in particular plays on the meta-theatrical role actors take as puppets, and uses the performers to question who really is the puppet and the puppet master.'

    - Bak Chor Mee Boy

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