An Evening of Noh – Presentation by the students of Intercultural Theatre Institute

1 June 2017 | Mentions

JCCI magazine June 2017 Noh Feature

The Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry (JCCI) Singapore was invited to ITI's 2017 Noh presentation. Their article on the presentation was published in the June 2017 issue of the JCCI magazine.

"Japan has many lauded traditions, and one of them is the ancient performing art of Noh. Believed to have its beginnings in “Sangaku” (comprising of songs, illusions, imitations, puppetry and dance), it is a form that had found its place into Japanʼs royal courts by way of China during the Nara period (8th century A.D.). ...

So what does this traditional performing art form have to do with actor-students from Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, France, India, Philippines or China?

At Intercultural Theatre Institute (ITI), a specialised, independent actor-training school in Singapore, immersions in a number of traditional Asian performing art forms is a critical part of the three-year programme. While the school trains actors for the contemporary stage, the co-founders – the late Kuo Pao Kun and current director, T Sasitharan (a.k.a. Sasi) – have passionately believed in the richness of the regionʼs traditional art forms in lending context and an acting vocabulary for the actors of today and tomorrow."

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