An Evening of Noh – Presentation and Dialogue by Intercultural Theatre Institute

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JCCI magazine June 2019

The Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry (JCCI) Singapore was invited to ITI's 2019 Noh presentation. Their article on the presentation was published in the June 2019 issue of the JCCI magazine.

"At Intercultural Theatre Institute (ITI), a specialised, independent actor-training school in Singapore, immersion in a number of traditional Asian performing art forms is a key part of the three-year full-time programme. Founded in 2000, ITI runs a distinctive programme based on a rigorous intercultural learning methodology, which aims to develop students’ skills in performance and original theatre-making. Students are selected from among the best talents across Asia and beyond, creating an environment where students encounter a broad spectrum of cultures and languages.

While ITI trains actors for the contemporary stage, the co-founders – acclaimed Singaporean theatre practitioners, the late Kuo Pao Kun and current director, T. Sasitharan (a.k.a. Sasi) – have passionately believed in the richness of Asia’s traditional art forms in lending context and an acting vocabulary for the actors of today and tomorrow. 

That is why, once every two years, master Noh performers and teachers from the renowned Kanze Kyukohkai, Kanze Yoshimasa and Kuwata Takashi, spend between eight and 10 weeks training ITI students in the fundamental elements of Noh."

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