a line could be crossed and you would slowly cease to be: Reactions

9 September 2019 | Journal

a line Photo by Bernie Ng

“Directed by Koh Wan Ching (known for arresting, colourful visuals), the oblique, wandering text is given gorgeous form as the play throws us overboard into a world where climate change discourse is the only thing worth fearing and making conversation about.

... This is a staging that is brilliant and bright for the seeing, with great gasps of light and sound (from designers Jason Ng and Pung Ki May respectively) anchoring each movement. It is also mostly brisk, only slowing to a glacial pace at the ending where all lovers are frozen in place. The choir, which started the play with a hazy space princess in tow, now sings by itself with crystalline courage." - Bak Chor Mee Boy


“Andrew Sutherland‘s latest work a line could be crossed and you would slowly cease to be negotiates death, extinction, abandonment and the intrinsic nature of our world. His words tease out the nuances and inevitabilities of climate change, poetry belying the harsh demise of the world if we still not change. The conversations and stories were a pleasure to listen to and experience.

Under the critical and detailed direction of director Koh Wan Ching, the performance done by Intercultural Theatre Institute‘s 2019 graduating cohort and two guest performers brought the words to life in their chaos, heartache and hopefulness." - Popspoken


“Koh Wan Ching may be troubled by her impact on the environment, but her impact on the show’s direction is far from troubling. She puts the training that the students of Intercultural Theatre Institute (ITI) undergo to excellent use. The ensemble exude a strong sense of physical dynamism and fluent mask work.

...It is anyone’s guess when we will have crossed the line of no return when it comes to our survival. But I am consoled by the fact that at least we have an excellent group of storytellers on our shores. One can only hope that some other life form gets to understand these stories when we are gone.” - Isaac Tan, Centre 42 Citizen Reviewer


"Great work! Very happy to see the graduating batch tackle such a topic in this current time and climate. Great script, great means of bringing the work to life." - Lina Yu

"Amazing visual experience! Loved the costumes :)" - Florence Leung

"Strong ensemble work. Very interesting, valuable and timely script with good direction."

"Lovely cast. Great cohesion and sense of ensemble."

 Thumbnail photo: Bernie Ng


The play's run included a post-show dialogue between Andrew, the director, Koh Wan Ching, and environmental representatives from Conservation International Singapore, Ground-Up Initiative, Herpetological Society of Singapore, Jane Goodall Institute (Singapore), LepakInSG, Nature Society (Singapore), and Our Singapore Reefs.

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