A Korean Approach to Actor Training

22 September 2017 | Mentions

Jeungsook Yoo Korean Approach to Actor Training

"A Korean Approach to Actor Training develops a vital, intercultural method of performer training, introducing Korean and more broadly East Asian discourses into contemporary training and acting practice.

This volume examines the psychophysical nature of a performer’s creative process, applying Dahnhak, a form of Korean meditation, and its central principle of ki-energy, to the processes and dramaturgies of acting. A practitioner as well as a scholar, Jeungsook Yoo draws upon her own experiences of training and performing, addressing productions including Bald Soprano (2004), Water Station (2004) and Playing ‘The Maids’ (2013–2015).

A significant contribution to contemporary acting theory, A Korean Approach to Actor Training provides a fresh outlook on performer training which will be invaluable to scholars and practitioners alike."


A Korean Approach to Actor Training
Author: Jeungsook Yoo
Publisher: Routledge, 2017
ISBN: 9781138189393, 1138189391