4.48 Psychosis: Reactions

16 March 2020 | Journal

4.48 psychosis bernie ng

"Haunting and performed with striking passion, 4.48 Psychosis paints a picture of loneliness, of longing for stillness, of grieving for the ungraspable. With its harrowing corporeality and eerie shadowplay, this performance seeps into the pores of your skin, becoming an unshakeable part of you." - Arts Republic


"Each scene comes at you like a snapshot in time, a fluid memory that is open to manipulation and retelling.... The actors dressed in white and the set pieces of slopes, stairs and different sizes of rectangles seem to float in the middle of space. Where does this all begin and where is the end?" - Popspoken


"What 4.48 Psychosis gets right is capturing the instability of mental illness. One feels a constant tension between the actors, as they perform while supported on the back of another actor, or lock hands while teetering precariously on the edge of a platform. There are moments where actors are allowed to let loose a primal scream or peal of laughter, and the production even leans into the absurd at times (with ping pong balls raining down from above). An incandescent light bulb swings above the audience, momentarily freezing the actors in an orange glow, like a pause between manic episodes. All this makes it impossible to predict just what comes next, and there is often a real fear and believable anxiety that emanates from the actors. ...

4.48 Psychosis does eventually reach a chilling conclusion; as a flurry of black ‘snow’ falls and the actors slowly back away from the theatre, we realise how it is not the screams and outbursts, but the complete and total exhaustion of someone who has given up getting better that truly scares us most." - Bak Chor Mee Boy


"Thank you for giving life to Sarah Kane's masterpiece. Appreciate the cast's portrayal of story through body and speech. Love the set! The lights and audio were well thought out. Thank you for tonight!"

"It was deeply thought-provoking, the way suicide/depression was described."

"The set was simple but beautiful. Love the light hanging down. Actors had so much emotions held in, like how I imagined Sarah Kane would have ... amazing actors."

 "Daring. This was difficult but you guys did it."


Photo credit: Bernie Ng