The Suzuki Method of Actor Training and Viewpoints

Conducted by SITI Company and Anne Bogart

29 May  – 1 June 2006, 9am–12pm and 1pm–4pm

4 June 2006, 12pm­–3pm (conducted by Ms Anne Bogart)

Presented by Singapore Arts Festival and National Arts Council, in association with TTRP

Singapore Arts Festival and TTRP organized an intense physical workshop – the first in Singapore – covering both the Suzuki Actor Training Method and SITI’s unique approach known as Viewpoints. Over the nine sessions, it was revealed that it is through the dialogue between Suzuki and Viewpoints, two distinct yet complementary approaches to the art of acting, that the philosophy and technique of SITI Company is continually explored, revitalised and articulated. The workshop was offered in conjunction with SITI’s production of Death and the Ploughman in the Singapore Arts Festival 2006. Participants in the workshop were allowed to attend the production on 2 June and Ms Bogart’s lecture on 3 June.


1. It was ensured that participants were in good physical condition because the workshops demand agility and endurance. Conditioning work PRIOR to the workshop was recommended.

2. Participants were instructed to attend in comfortable clothing allowing movement, also showing the contours of the legs and upper body. Participants were also instructed to wear socks for the Suzuki sessions, and work in bare feet for the Viewpoints sessions.





29 May - 4 Jun 2006


The Substation Dance Studio and Drama Centre Black Box

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