The Water Station

ITI TTRP Water Station

A chamber piece that speaks in the rich language of silence to the neglected part of the soul

A world where time slows down and where a look or gesture must suffice in ‘speaking’ complex stories of daily life. In Ota Shogo’s non-verbal masterpiece, a series of travellers encounter a broken tap of running water, and sometimes each other, in the course of their journeys. According to Ota, “There are words here…you just can’t hear them.”


Directed by Phillip B. Zarrilli

Assisted by Klaus Seewald

Featuring the graduating actor-students:

  • Maria Au Mong Chao (Macau)
  • Felimon Blanco (The Philippines)
  • Hung Pei Ching (Taiwan)
  • Kamimura Miyuki (Japan)
  • Adrianna Koralewska (Poland)
  • Chris Lee Ban Loong (Singapore)
  • Leung Hiu Tuen, Melissa (Hong Kong)
  • Mohamed Kunju Noushad (India)
  • Xiao Jian (China)

Also featuring:

  • Kuo Jing Hong (Singapore)
  • Walter Leung Yuen Kwon (Hong Kong)
  • Themis Lin Pei Ann (Taiwan)
  • Andy Ng Wai Shek (Hong Kong)
  • Peter Sau Jia Liang (Singapore)
  • Klaus Seewald (Austria)
  • Sim Pern Yiau (Singapore)
  • Yeo Yann Yann (Malaysia)
  • Jeungsook Yoo (Korea)





14 - 18 Sep 2004


8PM and 3PM Matinee on Saturday


Esplanade Theatre Studio

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