Zelda Tatiana Ng

COUNTRY Singapore
RECENTLY COLLABORATED WITH Centre 42, The Finger Players

Zelda 2 Photo credit Tan Ngiap Heng resized

Zelda Tatiana is an independent arts practitioner (actor/director) as well as the Founder & Creative Director of GroundZ-0 原。空間 . She has been working as an arts practitioner for over 20 years in various aspects of theatre and media, and has worked with almost all major established theatre companies in Singapore. Her latest works include: The Reunification of the Two Koreas (actor), a Singapore-France collaboration between TheatreWorks and Centre National Dramatique du Tours, which was staged in both countries; Legend of the Islands《島嶼傳奇》(director), produced by GroundZ-0 and presented by Centre 42 at Late Night Texting as part of Singapore Night Festival 2018; One Metre Square《飄浮的話語》(director), presented by W!LD Rice for Singapore Theatre Festival 2018; 0600 (director), produced by GroundZ-0 and commissioned by the Singapore International Festival of Arts 2018, which received many positive reviews and comments; and You are Always on My Mind 《我在你左右》 (director/playwright), presented by The Finger Players at Gekio Asia Playwright Competition 2017 (Nagoya), which gained the top score from Judges (as Judges’ Favorite).

Other recent involvement includes: Sometime Moon (Toy Factory, actor); Mama White Snake (W!LD Rice, actor); Body X II (actor); Inheritance 《承傳》 (The Finger Players – Directors’ Series, director); Afar 《遠角》 (The Finger Players – Watch This Space, director); Three Children & Titoudao (Esplanade – The Studios: fifty, director); Square Moon 《方月》 (lead actor) and 100 Years of Solitude – Cultural Revolution 《百年等待之文化大革命》 (Zuni Icosahedron (Hong Kong) & Drama Box, actor).

Her other means of expressions include singing, writing, painting and photography.

Photo credit: Tan Ngiap Heng