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Zelda Tatiana Ng

Zelda Tatiana 顏橦 is a multitalented independent arts practitioner who founded  GroundZ-0 原。空間 and is currently its Executive Producer and the Creative Director. GroundZ-0 has been invited and commissioned in various festivals in Singapore, such as the Singapore Writers Festival 2021 (The Arts House), Huayi Festival 2020 (Esplanade - Theatre on the Bay), Light to Night Festival 2019 - Bicentennial Edition (National Gallery Singapore) and Singapore International Festival of Arts 2018.

In 2017, Zelda Tatiana participated in the Gekio (Asia) Playwright Competition in Nagoya, Japan, where her bilingual (Mandarin/Cantonese) work Always on My Mind 《我在你左右》was selected as Judges’ Favourite. 

Zelda’s works are often multilingual, immersive and interactive and her explorations and research often involve languages, humanity, psychologies and various sciences. She is interested in classical forms like Chinese Opera and Noh, and is always intrigued by new media genres such as AI/AR/VR in contemporary theatre and film. 

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Photo credit: Tan Ngiap Heng


Recent works: 
1. Director and Co-Writer, Voices: Memories of Kampong Lorong Buangkok (2021, GroundZ-0 and Let's Go Tour Singapore Pte Ltd; Lorong Buangkok) 
2. Director, Playwright and Actor, 曲中词 (Those Words in Music) (2021, GroundZ-0 for Singapore Writers Festival; Sistic Live)
3. Curator and Facilitator, Translation & Adaptation: Exploring Possibilities (2021, GroundZ-0 and Singapore Book Council)
4. Speaker, Memories Cafè Storytelling Visual Podcast (2021, Alzheimer's Disease Association; Youtube) 
5. Artistic Director, Gimme Ten! Radio Playwriting Competition (2021, Ground Z-0 and Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre) 
6. Moderator, Translation & Adaptation - Navigating Languages and Cultures (2021, GroundZ-0 and Singapore Book Council; Online) 


Last updated: 19 January 2022