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Zelda Tatiana Ng

Zelda Tatiana is an independent arts practitioner as well as the Founder and Creative Director of GroundZ-0 原。空間, a Singapore-based multilingual interdisciplinary arts company. A graduate from the pioneer batch of the Theatre Training & Research Programme (now known as ITI) in 2003, Zelda is curious about the humanities and various aspects of science & technology. Her thematic interests are in Absurdity & Surrealism, and she believes in using the arts as a platform for sharing and self-reflection.

Her latest works include E:Den《依:窩》(co-creator) — an art installation commissioned by The Substation under a project of Singapore National Gallery, Bring on the Bull!《牛轉乾坤》(director/playwright/actor) - a multilingual street-wayang storytelling commissioned by River Hongbao and Esplanade Huayi Festival 2021 and Insulted.Belarus — Worldwide Reading (Asia cast) — a worldwide campaign participated by Blank Space Studio (Hong Kong). Her other works include Prism of Truth《眾相》(creator/director/co-playwright) — commissioned by Esplanade Huayi Festival 2020, Shadows IN the Walls《壁中影》(creator/director/co-playwright) commissioned by National Gallery Singapore for Light to Night Festival 2019 (Bicentennial Edition), 0600 (director) – produced by GroundZ-0 and commissioned by the Singapore International Festival of Arts 2018, and  Always on My Mind 《我在你左右》 (Director/Playwright) – presented by The Finger Players at Gekio Asia Playwright Competition 2017 in Nagoya, where it won the top score from the judges. 

She is currently the artistic director of a new playwright competition/season organised and presented by Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre.

Click here for more information about GroundZ-0 原。空間. 

Photo credit: Tan Ngiap Heng

Recent works: 

1. 1. Co-creator, E:Den (2021, GroundZ-0 / The Substation series we are not going back, we are coming back around)


Last updated: 15 January 2021