Yazid Jalil

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Yazid is an artist and arts educator. He was most recently cast to voice Singa, a character in tokuAsia Picture’s Sacred Guardian's Singa universe.

Yazid is an alumnus of the Intercultural Theatre Institute (formerly known as the Theatre Training and Research Programme), École Philippe Gaulier, and the University of Essex (NAFA).

He has performed in over 40 professional theatrical productions in the last twelve years.

Recent theatrical works include: What is Thy Bidding (2020, The Substation / Septfest 2020 Fringe), Displaced Persons' Welcome Dinner (2019, Checkpoint Theatre / Singapore International Festival of Arts), The Dragon's Dentist (2019, Esplanade PLAYtime), Shadows In The Walls (2019, GroundZ-0 / Night To Light Festival), Four Horse Road (2018, The Theatre Practice), Underclass (2018, The Necessary Stage / Drama Box), The Malay Man and His Chinese Father (2018, Akulah Bimbo Sakti / International Theatre Festival of Kerala), Sanctuary (2017, Singapore: The Necessary Stage, Japan: Hanchu-Yuei), from: The Platform (2017, Esplanade Kalaa Utsavam Festival / Chowk Productions), Mark (2017, Singapore International Festival of Arts), Fatimah and Her Magic Socks (2017, Esplanade PLAYtime), and Itsy The Musical (2017, The Finger Players).

Yazid was nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the 11th Life! Theatre Awards for his role in Charged (2011, Teater Ekamatra). He also shares two Best Ensemble Nominations with his cast members for Pretty Things (2012, Patricia Toh / The Substation) and It Won't Be Too Long: The Cemetery (2015, Drama Box / Singapore International Festival of Arts).

When not on stage, Yazid teaches theatre. He has taught in various schools locally and abroad. Teaching credits include: National University of Singapore's Temasek Hall, National Tainan University's Impresario Companion Theatre Troupe (阿伯樂戲工場), Changi Prison's Theatre Arts Programme, and the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.


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Photo credit: Kar-Wai Wesley (Memphis West Pictures)


Last updated: 22 June 2021