Wong Yunjie

COUNTRY Singapore


Yunjie’s interest in in theatre performance stems from his curiosity in questions surrounding human truth, transformation and justice. Before joining ITI in 2015, Yunjie spent three years serving as a volunteer with Thailand’s Makhampom in rural Chiangmai. There, he worked with the group to help improve the living conditions of several ethnic minority groups across Chiangmai through theatre and its process.

Later, applying Makhampom’s methods, Yunjie developed an English-language teaching-through-drama curriculum at the local high school. Before his stint with Makhampom, he was curriculum manager in the Little Arts Academy in Singapore, an arts school for children from financially disadvantaged backgrounds; and even further back, he was a teacher at a private Singapore-curriculum school in Medan, Indonesia.

Yunjie holds a degree in political science from the National University of Singapore and was on the University Scholars Programme.

Above all, Yunjie views himself as a curious seeker; a philosopher of action trying to find his feet in a fragmented, postmodern life.

Yunjie looks forward to developing theatre projects with marginalised communities.


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