Tysha Khan

COUNTRY Singapore

Tysha 2022

Tysha Khan is an artistic force, known for her versatile acting and powerful writing. Her practice centres around extracting truth, and finding simple ways to present it, in order to facilitate understanding. She is a graduate of the Intercultural Theatre Institute, and can currently be spotted on meWATCH and Suria playing the role of Sarah in the sci-fi thriller Dualiti.

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Recent works: 
1. Actor, Dualiti (2021–2022, Adara Pictures; Mediacorp Suria & meWATCH) 
2. Playwright, Chee Kong (radio play) (2021, as part of Geylang Serai Trails, The Second Breakfast Company; Online and parts of Geylang Serai) 
3. Dramaturg, Lovers Text Lovers (2021, Centre 42's New Scripts Residency; Black Box @ 42 Waterloo Street) 
4. Actor, Latch (2021, Centre 42's New Scripts Residency; Black Box @ 42 Waterloo Street)
5. Voice Artist, Video Bon-Bon: Precious Planet (2021, as part of Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay's Octoburst!; Esplanade Offstage & PIP's Facebook) 
6. Playwright, Dapat apa? (2021, Devising with Actors and Playwrights' Showcase, The Necessary Stage; The Necessary Stage Black Box) 
7. Collaborator & Voice Actor, Mystic & Momok (2021, as part of National Art Gallery's Mohammad Din Mohammad: The Mistaken Ancestor; Vimeo) 
8. Writer, To Be You (interactive fiction game) (2021, better.sg, Sing Lit Station, OneXTech & Tate Anzur) 
9. Singer, preview of nor's The Neosantara Chronicles (2021, NEW NAMES / NEW WORKS for Sing Lit Station; Online) 
10. Singer, Their Voices (Soundtrack inspired by nor's The Neosantara Chronicles) (2021, Sing Lit Station; YouTube) 
11. Actor, In Between These Pages (2021, Xeno Pictures; Viddsee) 

Recent achievements: 
1. Nomination for Best Actress, *SCAPE's 7th National Film Awards for In Between These Pages (2021) 


Last updated: 19 January 2022