Tysha Khan

COUNTRY Singapore


Tysha is a Singapore-based actor and writer. She has worked in productions by companies such as Teater Kami and UNSAID, often on topics that mean a lot to her, such as race relations or LGBT rights. Her most recent performances were in Rumah Dayak (Rupa co.lab) and Anak Melayu (Teater Kami). Besides performing on stage, Tysha acts on screen, hosts, and has her own YouTube channel called Go Jerr. She is also a published poet, and has translated films and interviews.

Tysha’s training at ITI has opened up new vistas in acting and performance: vocally, physically, and in the way she thinks about – and writes – theatre. She possesses a strong interest in voice work and aims to teach it one day. 

As the first Malay-Muslim woman to graduate from ITI, Tysha hopes to create theatre that effectively captures the culture of her community. She also aims to keep making and performing work that explores different facets of identity and delves into societal issues.

Read her Q&A here 

Recent works: 
1. Director, kink (2020, The Necessary Stage: The Playwrights' Cove showcase) 
2. Poet, To Philippines with Linebreaks (2021, Spoke and Bird / The Substation series we are not going back, we are coming around)
3. Dramaturg, Part\wh (2021, contrary wagon / The Substation series we are not going back, we are coming around)


Last updated: 15 January 2021