Sandeep Yadav

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Sandeep 2021

Sandeep Yadav is a theatre practitioner from India, who believes in art as healing and artists as healers.

His theatre journey began in 2009 with Nautanki, one of India’s oldest folk theatres, in his hometown, Allahabad. He holds an MPA in Theatre Arts from the University of Hyderabad, and performed in various university productions such as Woman (an Indian adaptation of Thesmophoriazusae) and A Tempest by Aimé Césaire.

His final-year production, BUTTERFLY, received a theatre grant from the Ministry of Culture, Government of India, and was invited to Prayogam Theatre Group’s online national theatre festival. Besides acting for stage and screen, Sandeep has ventured into roles such as costume designer, technical advisor, and director. His works include Hawalaat, Neela Parcham, Red Frock, Beyond the Land of Hattamala, Gateway to Heaven (which received Special Mention at the 4th Mumbai International Film Festival), and Mitti-Back to Roots. He has also coached acting in various schools and institutions, as well as to theatre groups, across India.

His training at ITI has opened up new dimensions of work for him, rediscovering himself as an artist through theatre. He also wants to continue exploring the training he received in ITI in his future works.

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Recent works: 
1. Actor, A Day in the Life of a Clown (2021, Esplanade Offstage) 
2. Performer, Spaced-Out (2021, Esplanade's Red Dot August 2021; Esplanade Outdoor Theatre) 


Last updated: 19 January 2022