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Themis is a co-founder of EX-Theatre Asia, based in Miaoli, Taiwan.

The company aims to explore a multi-cultural dialogue in theatrical expression and to establish a neo-classical performance style. From 2006, she served as producer for her company and productions included Numit Kappa, The Island, The Story of the Tiger and Hayavadana. The company staged A True Calling at Esplanade’s The Studios series in 2011, which was nominated for the Taishin Performing Arts Award in 2010.

Previously a member of Taiwan’s Golden Bough Theatre, Themis wrote, directed and performed All-in-One (with a collaborator) for the company at the Experimental Theatre of Taiwan National Theatre and the I-Lan Traditional Art Theatre in 2005.

Themis has varied international performance experience; in 2004, she performed in Butterflies at the Singapore Arts Festival, and in Princess Cina at the Indonesian Dance Festival in Jakarta and Solo, Indonesia. She also performed Day I Met the Prince at the Asia Contemporary Theatre Festival in Shanghai in 2006 and Silk Road at the 2007 International Ulker Puppet Festival, Istanbul.

She has worked with PARC (Japan Center, Pacific Basin Arts Communication), a multi-language project, Shichinin Misaki, presented at the Poly-National Arts Carnival 2004 and 2006 in Yokohama, Kanazawa and Kyoto. In 2009, she acted in Kuo Pao Kun’s The Spirits Play, for the Traditions & Editions Theatre Circus, a theatre company collectively established by ITI alumni. The Spirits Play went on to the 12th Bharat Rang Mahotsav, a major theatre festival in India, after opening in Singapore.

Having participated in numerous transnational and multilingual productions and communicational projects in various Asian countries, she senses the immediacy for creating a platform to bringing artists from different cultural background to exchange and explore a new theatrical language.

Themis was nominated for “Best Supporting Actress” at the Taiwan Golden Bell Awards in 2006.

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Last updated: 19 January 2022