Jin Chen



Jin is a theatre actor and director from China. She graduated from Guildford School of Acting, the University of Surrey in the U.K. and Intercultural Theatre Institute (ITI) in Singapore. She holds an MA in Creative Practice and Direction (theatre directing pathway) and a professional diploma in Intercultural Acting.

Her practice mainly focuses on exploring the theatrical space across text, movement, multi-media, visual art and music. She works with artists from various disciplines and regions. Jin has performed in productions by artists including award-winning French choreographer Jerome Bel (GALA, 2020) and internationally renowned theatre practitioner Phillip Zarilli (Lie With Me, 2019).

In 2021, Jin performed in film director Huang Wanjing’s conceptual short film <无量 Wu Liang>, as part of the 10th Anniversary exhibition of Taikoo Hui in GZ, China. Earlier this year, invited by emerging painter Feng Shiheng, Jin created and performed physical theatre <回 Hui> for her solo exhibition <丑牛> in GZ, China. 

Apart from performing, she has also directed an original play <May I Eat You, Please?>, which won the 2nd prize at the 2021 Guangzhou Youth Theatre Festival. Her work <XIAOWEI> was invited to the 2021 Wuzhen Theatre Festival and the Nanluoguxiang Theatre Festival, to which her other work <The Show> was invited as well. Physical theatre piece <The Basic Ingredients of Love Tragedies>, in collaboration with Zen Experimental Theatre, was invited to join the exhibition “This Is Theatre?” in Fei Museum, GZ.

Her ongoing projects include 2022 New Year’s Poetry Festival in Guangzhou as an executive director, and the dramaturg for part 4 <雅 · 藏真> in dance drama <此处潇湘> by Publicity Department of Yongzhou, Hunan.


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Recent works: 
1. Director, <May I Eat You, Please?> (2021 Guangzhou Youth Theatre Festival)
2. Director, <XIAOWEI> (2021, Wuzhen Theatre Festival and the Nanluoguxiang Theatre Festival)
3. Director, <The Show> (2021, Nanluoguxiang Theatre Festival) 
4. Director, <The Basic Ingredients of Love Tragedies> (2021, with Zen Experimental Theatre,  “This Is Theatre?”; Fei Museum, GZ) 
5. Performer, HUI 回 (2021) 
6. Performer, 《无量》(2021; as part of the 10th Anniversary exhibition of Taikoo Hui; Guangzhou) 


Last updated: 19 January 2022