Jin Chen



Jin Chen is a theatre director, actor and dramaturg from China. She is also a visiting teacher to Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Arts School of South China University of Agriculture, and Education Center of Guangdong Television Station. Jin graduated from Guildford School of Acting, University of Surrey in the U.K. and Intercultural Theatre Institute in Singapore.

She holds a MA in Creative Practice and Direction and a Professional Diploma in Intercultural Acting. Her practice mainly focuses on exploring the theatrical space across text, movement, multi-media, visual art, music and site. She collaborates with artists from various disciplines and regions. Jin has directed original plays, including May I Eat You Please?, XIAOWEI, and The Basic Ingredients of Love Tragedies. Her works have been invited to Nanluoguxiang Theatre Festival and Wuzhen Theatre Festival. 

She also worked as the dramaturg for The Dream of My Realisation, which was selected into China’s Dance Yearbook (2021-2022), commissioned by Shanghai International Dance Center. Recently, she was invited to join Aranya Arts Residency. She is also the theatre consultant for Face Shadow 2.0, co-produced by Guangzhou Opera House, and movement director for the opening ceremony of the 70th Anniversary of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. Jin directed 4.48 Psychosis and The Wreath of Achilles (written by honorary citizen of Greece, famous Chinese poet Lan Lan) as the first and second season for series ‘Approaches to Poetic Drama’, founded and produced by awarding-winning Chinese poet Huang Lihai.

Her work has been covered reported by various media, including theatre journal YING MING THEATRE from the University of Göttingen, Germany. Apart from directing, Jin has performed in productions by artists including award-winning French choreographer Jerome Bel (GALA, 2020) and internationally renowned theatre practitioner Phillip Zarilli (Lie With Me, 2019). The short film Pu Yun 樸運 Jin acted in was selected for Euroshorts International Film Festival (Warsaw, Poland, 2018), The Arc Film Festival (Mainz, Germany, 2019), and Dallas Independent Film Festival (Texas, U.S., 2019).


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Recent works: 
1. Director, May I Eat You, Please? (2021), Guangzhou Youth Theatre Festival
2. Director, XIAOWEI (2021), Wuzhen Theatre Festival; Nanluoguxiang Theatre Festival
3. Director, The Show (2021), Nanluoguxiang Theatre Festival 
4. Director, The Basic Ingredients of Love Tragedies (2021), Zen Experimental Theatre, Fei Museum, Guangzhou 
5. Performer, HUI 回 (2021) 
6. Performer, 《无量》(2021), 10th Anniversary exhibition of Taikoo Hui, Guangzhou

Awards & Accomplishments:
1. Second Place, 2021, May I Eat You Please? Guangzhou Youth Theatre Festival


Last updated: 30 January 2024