Catherine Ho

COUNTRY Singapore


A recent addition to the theatre industry, Catherine went from marketing productions to being in them. It was 5 years ago that she made the commitment to train as an actor at ITI. She now focuses on devising original works primarily as a bilingual actor, and also sometimes as a director. She was seen in Stories and Songs from the Bow (a children’s theatre show working with elements of an Indian storytelling technique known as Villapattu) as well as Mother I, 2 (a sequel to Mother I). She also directed a laboratory piece under the mentorship of Sharda Harrison for Pink Gajah and has been asked to take up the actor’s training wing for the new lab season. One of the works that she is currently developing, Recurrence, is a solo piece she devised as one of her four graduation pieces. She brought this piece to Borak Arts Series in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia under the platform Pitchpad ASEAN where original works can be pitched to international festival managers and venue programmers from around the world. Catherine believes strongly in using theatre to engage and provoke people’s minds, to invite conversations and to encourage understanding.

Recent works: 
1. Actor, My Way Is The Best 我的方法最好 (2021, Paper Monkey Theatre for Dim Sum Warriors Webinar; Online)
2. Actor, Sama Sama (2021, screening for NAC's Silver Arts 2021 from Pathey Nimidam, Ravindran Drama Group & Esplanade for Kalaa Utsavam festival; Facebook) 
3. Actress, A Day in the Life of a Clown (2021, Esplanade Offstage)
4. Performer, Spaced-Out (2021, Esplanade's Red Dot August 2021; Esplanade Outdoor Theatre)
5. Project manager, Gimme Ten! Radio Playwriting Competition (2021, GroundZ-0 and Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre)
6. Assistant stage manager and transcriber, (un)becoming (2021, T:>Works' Festival of Women N.O.W. 2021; Online) 
7. Speaker, Memories Cafè Storytelling Visual Podcast (2021, Alzheimer's Disease Association; Youtube) 
8. Actor, Bring on the Bulls! (2021, GroundZ-0 / River Hongbao 2021; Gardens by the Bay and Online) 


Last updated: 19 January 2022