Sasi's speeches at Art as Res Publicae (SIFA 2017)

SIFA Sasi 2017 web2

Foreword from T. Sasitharan, ITI Director:

As part of The O.P.E.N. − the pre-festival of ideas associated with the 2017 Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA) − I participated in Art as Res Publicae, a two-night fora exploring the significance of the arts and artistic practice as a public affair. It was an attempt to understand the potential and power of the arts to shape and influence the public commons; the space that belongs to us all as Singapore citizens.

As Closing Speaker for both nights of the event (28 and 29 June 2017) I was tasked to provide a summation of the points raised and ideas discussed in a lucid and concise final oration. The topic of the first night was “Some of the Complexities surrounding Pluralism in Singapore” and on the second − “Singapore’s Future of Care in Ageing: Long Term Care, Quality, Well-Being and Dignity”.

Art as Res Publicae brought together expert speakers who presented informed perspectives on the themes and specially selected discussants to critically engage with what had been said during the evening.

Here are the video recordings of my closing addresses on both nights.

T. Sasitharan

Photo courtesy of Singapore International Festival Of Arts 2017, image by Jeannie Ho


28 June:

29 June:


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