Sasi in LASALLE's Actor Training conversation series

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ITI Director T. Sasitharan spoke about the Singaporean perspective on "Interculturalism and training the performing artist" as part of LASALLE's series, Actor training in the 21st century: a global perspective, a series of conversations with leading actor trainers from around the world.

"We found that buried within the Western canon of theatre and acting, was Asian tradition. I felt that it was our responsibility to recover that, not so much as an act of triumphalism, an East vs West conflict, but simply to understand what the roots of a global theatre tradition might look if we then went back to Asian traditions. We realised that Western canonical practices in theatre had to co-exist with Asian practice, and this is the fundamental founding principle of ITI.

ITI is not about Asian theatre. ITI is finding a balance in global theatre in a postcolonial moment, after the colonisers have retreated."

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