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Acting Head, Beto Ruiz conducted a 3-day workshop, "Body, voice, imagination", organised by Möbius Strip Theatre (莫比斯圓環創作公社) in collaboration with ITI. Joined by two more of our alumni, Melissa Leung and Hung Pei Ching, the workshop ended with 2 lectures:

Lecture 1: My Mother — Unlocking One's Own Cultural Body
How our own cultural background influences our artistic views, actions and works.

Lecture 2: Intercultural Practice of Chinese Theatre in Today's Globalised world

  • What is intercultural theatre? Is it the future of theatre or the past?
  • Is it necessary in Chinese theatre today?
  • Can we step away from the western perspective to carry out our own cultural reflection? Or are we still unable to separate ourselves from colonial culture?

Photo credit: Taoleti


Taiwan2017 ITI

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