Faculty, alumni and students in Kerala

across the river collective

In June 2019, ITI Head of Acting Beto Ruiz led a series of acting masterclasses with Across The River Collective, formed by ITI alumni and students as well as Kutiyattam master teacher Kapila Venu.

Beto was also interviewed in The Hindu, Kochi Times and The New Indian Express about his work at ITI and Across The River Collective.

“Interculturality starts from the idea that there is no possibility for a society vertically. What one needs to understand is that every culture and race is going to be naturally different from the other. But this difference does not imply superiority or inferiority. It is the meeting point of cultures. ...Instead of drawing boundaries, mixing and collaborating are necessary to prevent and eradicate discrimination between cultures." (The New Indian Express)

Photo credit: Across The River Collective


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