Alumna Yeo Yann Yann receives top awards

Yann Yann Golden Horse Awards 2019 AP photo

Alumna Yeo Yann Yann ('03) won Best Leading Actress at the Golden Horse Awards and Best Actress at Pingyao International Film Festival for her performance in Anthony Chen's film Wet Season. She also received the Inspiring Woman in Film Award at the Singapore International Film Festival.

In her acceptance speech at the Golden Horse Awards, Yann Yann thanked ITI co-founder Kuo Pao Kun: ⁣⁣⁣
I remember when I felt like giving up, my teacher Kuo Pao Kun said this to me, he said "Do you think I never thought of giving up? I feel like giving up every night, but I make a new resolution every morning—I want to go on. My teacher is watching me from the skies. I just want to tell him that I will go on. Thank you.”⁣⁣⁣


Photo credit: AP

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