The Peculiar Tra La: Reactions

18 March 2019 | Journal

The Peculiar Tra La Photo by Bernie Ng

“This act of reflection, of cultural exchange and interactivity is perhaps the cornerstone of ITI itself as these seemingly disparate people come together and create a single cohesive performance together.“ - Bak Chor Mee Boy

"The Peculiar Tra La brought me through a meaningful journey, leading me to search for the paradise within me." - Beverly Yuen

"Part existentialist, part absurdist, I really enjoyed [the] opening night performance of The Peculiar Tra La. From its unconventional opening sequence at the foyer seamlessly connecting the audience through play and movement and an old riddle from my childhood, through into the Black Box with seating artfully arranged so we had a 360 degree view of the performance, the constant movement, visual and mental acrobatics of language, form and ideas guaranteed never a dull moment. Riveting and thought-provoking! Glad I came." - Malathi Das

"Brilliant work. There's a moment when I see and empathise with my ‘selves’ on the stage. Images and feelings of the old memories all present together in front of me. And I celebrate it. And the ‘selves’ I had been. Thanks for the experience and journey." - Tang Sook Kuan

"Great show, full of fun and life." - Crenshaw Yeo

"What I like the best is how the philosophy is embedded within light-hearted games and action."

"Very beautiful performance. Thank you. Refreshed me. Also the production values were so strong. Lots of memorable images. A divine message. Thank you."


Photo credit: Bernie Ng