15 September 2021 | Research / Publications

Singa Pura Pura Nazry Bahrawi2

ITI board member Nazry Bahrawi is the editor and translator of Singa-Pura-Pura, which features a selection of Malay speculative fiction — both new and old — from Singapore. 

Publisher: Ethos Books 

From a future of electronic doas and AI psychotherapists, sense-activated communion with forests and a portal to realms undersea, to a reimagined origin and afterlife—editor and translator Nazry Bahrawi brings together an exciting selection of never-before translated and new Malay spec-fic stories by established and emerging writers from Singapore.

Especially in an anglophone-dominated genre, very little of Malay speculative fiction from Singapore is known to readers here and beyond. Yet contemporary Bahasa literature here is steeped in spec-fic writing that can account as a literary movement (aliran)—and unmistakably draws from the minority Malay experience in a city obsessed with progress.


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Photo credit: Ethos Books