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21 October 2022 | Journal

1 Oliver S K Wu QnA

Oliver S. K. Wu is an actor from Macau. He studied at the School of Theatre (formerly known as the School of Drama) under the Macao Conservatory.

His credits include The Sea, Miss Du Shi Niang, Bury the Dead, Ubu Roi, The Shadow Box and various puppet shows for children. When not performing, he teaches drama and hosts events.

To pursue the arts as a full-time profession and hone his skills, Oliver left his hometown and enrolled in ITI.

After graduating, Oliver plans to carry on as an actor and director. He also intends to further his training in physical theatre and deepen his craft as a movement artist.

Oliver is a beneficiary of the Möbius Fund.



What were you doing before coming to ITI?

I was a teacher and did some freelance work for acting for a while.


Tell us how you came to know of ITI. What made you choose to come here?

I studied some acting courses in the evening after work and crossed paths with an ITI alumnus who told me about this school. After a few years of joining courses and falling in love with acting, I decided to come to ITI.


Think back to your first day here: what were some of your thoughts and emotions then?

The first day I came here, I thought the training studios were at the White House! I was also amazed by how beautiful ITI is.


What is it like to train here at ITI?

It’s a lot of ups and downs, but the training helped me realise who I am as an actor and a person.


What have you learnt through working with your classmates from various countries?

Accept the differences between you and your classmates and talk it out when there are conflicts. Be honest and humble.

What are the most memorable experiences you’ve had at ITI?

In Year 1 before Covid, we had a Holi celebration on campus. It was really fun and for the first time ever, I felt so free.


How has what you’ve learnt here shaped or changed you as an actor?

The ways of seeing as an actor and navigating the difficult parts of working with people you are not familiar with. What has helped me with that is to imagine them as characters and think about how I’d react to them onstage.


What are your plans for after graduation?

I want to explore more opportunities in the film industry while continuing performing in theatre.


What would you say to a new student or someone considering joining ITI?

Be open to accepting new things.


Any special thanks? 

Thank you to everyone that taught, helped or worked with me in ITI. The past three years have been such a dream and has left a significant impact on me.


Accept the differences between you and your classmates and talk it out when there are conflicts. Be honest and humble.



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