Kuo Pao Kun: And Love the Wind and Rain

18 December 2002 | Mentions

Kuo Pao Kun And Love the Wind and Rain cropped

"This book is a loving tribute to "the most important cultural figure in Singapore's history" and a most significant dramatist, teacher and public intellectual in Asia. Both visually and intellectually strong, this book - including the video CD - weaves a rich tapestry of Kuo Pao Kun's lifework. The book is bilingual in Chinese and English, with some translations in Malay and Tamil. "Kuo Pao Kun is often referred to as the doyen of modern Singapore theatre... his philosophical and critical approach to theatre, language and history remains an integral cornerstone of modern theatre in Singapore." His works have been translated into Arabic, German, Hindi, Japanese, Malay, and Tamil and have been performed by many theatre companies in Singapore and abroad."


"The Theatre Training and Research Programme (TTRP) is a three-year, fulltime, systematic training programme for professional actors in Contemporary Theatre. It is inspired and informed by the history and development of Contemporary Theatre in SIngapore over the last 37 years as well as by the artistic vision and multicultural practice of Kuo Pao Kun...

The TTRP is a performer-centred, practice-oriented programme. It aspires to nurture highly skilled, technically adept, critically aware, socially engaged and artistically autonomous actors, capable of contributing imaginatively to the theatre making process.

Exposed to several cultures and languages and immersed in both classical and contemporary learning, TTRP graduates will be equipped with diverse resources to work across cultural and aesthetic boundaries. (Excerpt from TTRP Prospectus 02/03)"

Kuo Pao Kun: And Love the Wind and Rain

Editors: Kwok Kian Woon and Teo Han Wue

Publisher: Crucible, 2002

ISBN: 9789810480172