ITI Director T. Sasitharan Awarded NUS-FASS Distinguished Alumni Award

10 May 2023 | Mentions

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ITI Director T. Sasitharan received the National University of Singapore Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) Distinguished Alumni Award at a private dinner ceremony on 5th May 2023. 


The Distinguished Arts and Social Sciences Alumni Award was established in 2015 to recognise individuals who have made significant contributions to the Nation, Community, University, and/or Faculty, and/or dedicated themselves to the betterment and promotion of the arts and social sciences.

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In a video interview posted on the FASS website, Sasi spoke about his relationship with the arts over a career spanning more than 30 years, and its sustaining power through the pandemic:


“I’m one of those fortunate people who is doing work which he loves to do. And for me, the arts are so important because they give me the ballast, the anchor, the strength to live in this world. and I think it was most apparent during the pandemic...

It was the arts that provided me the consolation…that is so important to being a human being[…] To be able to feel, to be able to empathize, to be able to connect to other human beings. The arts do this all the time. I have the privilege to be working in an area where these things are part of my daily life”


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Fellow FASS Distinguished Alumni Awardees include:

Mrs. Elizabeth Sam

Mr. Othman Haron Eusofe

Dr. S Vasoo

Mr. Lim Siang Hoe, Benny


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Photo courtesy of NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences