Fall & The Music Lovers — A Double Bill: Reactions

21 November 2023 | Journal


“Fall & The Music Lovers”让观众反思的,不是社会课题,而是ITI 这么一所以传统艺术训练为主的学府,它的当代定位是什么,它的社会责任是什么。ITI 这些年来以跨文化为宗旨,不仅仅只是在尝试跨越文化之间的界限,其实也是在不断进行搭建桥梁、推动交流、实践文化共融。每一届毕业生们也都以他们生命的3年去实现人与人共处、共协的可能性。

 ITI 不仅实现了其“intercultural”(文化之间的跨越)的意义,也在进行“transcultural”(超越文化,寻找文化之间的共通处)的实验—— 至少,在“Fall & The Music Lovers”里头,这群毕业生展示了,作为“人”的共通点。"

"Fall & The Music Lovers prompts the audience to reflect not on societal issues but on ITI itself—a traditional arts training institute. What is its contemporary role, and what social responsibilities does it bear? Over the years, ITI, with its overarching principle of "intercultural," has not only attempted to transcend cultural boundaries but has also continuously built bridges, promoted exchanges, and practiced cultural integration. Each graduating class has, over their three years, sought to realise the potential for shared living and cooperation among people.

ITI has not only realized the meaning of "intercultural" but is also experimenting with "transcultural"—going beyond cultures and seeking commonalities. At least in Fall & The Music Lovers, this group of graduates demonstrated the commonalities shared as "humans." - Neo Hai Bin,剧读 thea.preter



"Rather than causing whiplash, the juxtaposition of both plays brings a surprising sense of balance as a viewing experience, taking us through the heaviest parts of life before uplifting us with the lighter side of love. As a showcase for the graduating batch from ITI, this is a double bill that has managed to do exactly that, overcoming the usual challenge of finding the one ‘perfect’ play, and instead balancing out the roles and opportunities afforded to these graduands and playing to their strengths to let them shine, one that bodes well for their futures if all goes well." - Richard Neo, Bakchormeeboy


"(Fall) It’s a test of endurance, and the intricate performance shines for the ensemble of five, especially for the leading sisters (in my opinion) Ann and Helen (played by Abinaya Jothi & Mika Oskarson Kindstrand). Their natural and controlled playing of the two characters make for an interesting (though drawn out) match about who leads the better life. The delicate writing is carefully handled by all, nicely bringing through the poetry of the narrative. What was interesting though, was the occasional sound effects, as well as the intricate lighting design, that complemented the sparse set beautifully, showing the slow passing of a rather sad day.

On the contrary, the other half of the double bill was a laugh-a-minute comedy, The Music Lovers by Georges Feydeau (adapted by Reggie Oliver). This farcical comedy about mistaken identities needed actors with good comic timing, and the leads Lucile (played by Cheng Kam You Yolanda) and Edouard (Choy Chee Yew) aptly played the parts" - Isaac Lim, zac.rated