Workshop in Theatre, Mime and Movement

Workshop ITI May 2013

by Sara Mangano & Pierre-Yves Massip

Beyond words…

An understanding of the power, subtlety and diversity of Movement in performance is critical for actors and dancers. The bedrock of all performance is the awareness of the moving body in space and time.

Be led into this universe of action, gesture, movement and mime by a pair of artists who live and breathe the techniques of the genre. Drawing from a palate comprising Movement Theatre, Clown, Masks and Tango, they will share their exultation for the body-in-movement experienced as it should be; the very pulse of contemporary theatre and performance.

Participants should be 16 years or older with some experience as performers in theatre or dance.





18 May 2013


9AM - 1PM


ITI at Emily Hill, 11 Upper Wilkie Road


Fee: SGD 35

Please RSVP to by Monday 13 May.

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