ITI Workshop Series 2019

Workshop 2019 9x6


1. Voice & the Actor by Simon Stollery

1 June 2019 (Sat), 1 – 4pm

Fee: $60

Learn how to optimise your voice to enhance your dramatic potential.

Participants will learn how to utilise their voice expressively and efficiently, as well as techniques for improving vocal projection and clarity, expanding vocal range and colour, and warming up the voice. There will be the opportunity to apply the work to a dramatic text, with a number of text exploration techniques covered in the process. The session will be practical in nature and participants are asked to wear comfortable clothing.

2. Movement for Actors by Lim Chin Huat

2 June 2019 (Sun), 1 – 4pm

Fee: $60

Experience a movement training session in ITI. Participant will be introduced to essential principles for movement expression in theatre practice, including: effective warm up exercises, fundamental understanding of muscles and joints, basic breathing exercises, weight placement and shifting, body alignment, strength control, movement flow, rhythm and momentum, spine articulation, spatial awareness, lifting and its relationship with gravity.

The Actor's Imagination by Beto Ruiz

3A. Beginner level: 6 July 2019 (Sat), 2 – 6pm

Fee: $80

3B. Advanced level: 13 July 2019 (Sat), 2 – 6pm

Fee: $80

In this workshop, participants will learn to approach acting as a creative process in which they let themselves be guided by internal imagery, enabling them to access authentic responses with their body and voice.

This approach positions the actor as the author of their own actions, who must be fully aware of the richness, intensity and variety of their internal imagery.

Participants can apply this approach to abstract movement composition and to text-based character work.

Topics covered in this workshop will include: awareness of the body, external-internal awareness, corporeal sound and corporeal text.

In the Beginner workshop, participants will apply the work to a haiku. In the Advanced workshop, participants will apply the work to extracts from selected plays.

Note: Participants are encouraged to sign up for both Acting workshops unless you have attended ITI's Acting workshops before.




1 Jun - 13 Jul 2019


ITI at Emily Hill, 11 Upper Wilkie Road, Singapore 228120


Minimum Age: 18


  • 15% discount for students/NSFs
  • Sign up for all 3 workshops (#1, 2 and 3A or 3B) at $160
  • Sign up for all 4 workshops (#1, 2, 3A and 3B) at $220

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