Final Year Individual Project 2021 Watch Party

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Online watch party of six original works conceived and performed by ITI’s graduands.

The Final Year Individual Project (FYiP) is a critical and integral aspect of Intercultural Theatre Institute’s actor training programme. The students are prompted to think about it from the very first day of school, and given a few weeks in their final year to focus solely on it. FYiP is student-driven and teachers act only as mentors and guides. It combines the technical skills and objectives of performance making with the exploratory freedom of a creative platform.

The online watch party on 9 October, 3 PM is a streaming of the archival recording of FYiP performed on 9 September to an audience of 10 at ITI. 

Don’t Play Play
by Sandeep Yadav

“Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning.” — Fred Rogers

The most important part of childhood, play defines our behaviour. Inspired by real events, this work is a surreal depiction of the positive and destructive effects of play on the relationship of a father and son, and questions the kind of play we offer to children now.

Advisory: Mature themes and coarse language


Su’g (Water Current)
by Marvin Acero Ablao

A poignant representation of modern-day slavery, drawing on perspectives of contemporary history and a long-lost mythical past.

Performed in English and Bisaya


《绾 绾》Wan Wan
by Lin Jiarui

A lyrical meditation on the exquisite love of two people.

A relationship that seemed destined to be forever, untimely complicated by desire, life and death.

Performed in English and Mandarin


Dancing at Gunpoint
by Aaron Kaiser Garcia

This is not a political story. It’s a simple one.

Inspired by real events around the world, Dancing at Gunpoint breaks down these questions: how do we unpack systemic oppressions? What if the conditions of your time take away your rights to live? What are the repercussions in advocating a culture of violence? What does justice look like, in a land where innocence and guilt and criminality and legality are intertwined and compromised beyond recognition?

Advisory: Mature themes and coarse language


The Moment of Truth
by Sonu Pilania

A hero one day, a loser the next. Our circumstances can change in a moment, but what does it take to change us inside? Will we recognise the truth when it stares us in the face?

This is a sober, somber recollection of the ideals and symbols of masculinity and manhood, from the point of view of a bullfighter.


Crippled Dream of Deaf Eye
by Kewal Kartik

What if your own brain jumps out and starts talking to you?

Crippled Dream of Deaf Eye is an open and no-holds-barred conversation between a nameless, ageless, genderless character and its brain.


Production and Stage Manager: Clarisse Ng
Filming: Pangolin Films
Cast Photos: Bernie Ng
Special thanks to: CS Lite for the loan of lighting equipment








9 Oct 2021


3 PM (SGT, UTC +8). Each performance is approximately 20 minutes. There will be a 10-minute interval after the third performance.




Free with registration. A private viewing link will be sent closer to the date.


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