Extended Voice Workshop

Berts workshop2 2014

This 5-hour workshop, designed for performers, directors, acting, drama, voice and speech teachers and presenters, offers an approach to vocal training that combines the innovative Roy Hart approach to the Extended Voice with the Michael Chekhov principles of vocalizing with Ease, Form, Beauty and Wholeness. It encourages the participants to explore and develop an extended range of vocal sounds – from the most delicate sigh to the wildest roar. Bert will offer a variety of original exercises to shape vowels and consonants and to invest vocal sounds with feeling, intention or imagery.

Through this practical and fun workshop, participants will develop:

  • Confidence, joy and strength in vocal expression
  • Economy of breath
  • Vocal resonance
  • Increase clarity in articulation
  • Extended vocal range in pitch, expression and communication

"There is a voice in each of us that contains all the voices of the world.” – Roy Hart




8 Jun 2014


10AM - 3PM


ITI at Emily Hill, 11 Upper Wilkie Road


Fee: $55 (standard) / $35 (students/graduates)

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