The Contemporary Body as a Site for Cultural Transmission: A sharing on Actor Training by Dirks Theatre (Macau)


By Wu May Bo & Ip Ka Man (Dirks Theatre, Macau)
Together with Mok Kuan Chong, Chan Nga Cheng and Ho Chi Iao — members of the Actor Training Research Programme by Dirks Theatre

Sharing and work demonstration with a Q&A session

A performative body is the site for multiple collisions and presences. All embodied experiences have to be able to shape and transform, to create appropriate scenic presences according to the presentation’s narrative and style choice. Dirks Theatre’s 3-year research project focuses on the building of training methodology and working towards a creation strategy, by interrogating some core principles of the performative body and the performing space. When an actor is the creator, how can such tools and physical language nurture more active collaborators in the creation of characters and narrative, who are able to adapt to various presentation styles?


3:00 PM – 4:00 PM: Introductory Talk & Work Demonstration
4:00 PM – 4:30 PM: Q&A session, moderated by ITI Acting & Movement teacher Koh Wan Ching



About the artists

Wu May Bo2

Wu May Bo

Wu May Bo is a theatre and movement director and performer, as well as Co-Artistic Director of Dirks Theatre.

May Bo received her MA in Movement Studies from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London. She obtained a full Chevening Scholarship for her MA in Performance and Cultural Studies from the University of Leeds. She also holds a BFA (Hons) from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. May Bo’s productions and performances have been staged in the U.S., Britain, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Portugal, Slovenia and Shanghai.  

May Bo taught at the School of Drama, Macao Conservatory (2008–11) and at the Department of Education, University of Macau (2013–14). 

Her most recent works include: Normal, Oleanna, Night Just Before the Forests, The Nether, The Protean Cities, Long Days Journey to the Night and Cloning Ecstasy, and The Elevator Key.

Ip Ka Man

Ip Ka Man

Ip Ka Man is a performer, theatre director, educator and Feldenkrais Method ATM™ authorised teacher, as well as Co-Artistic Director of Dirks Theatre. He holds a BFA (with First Class Honours) from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. 

Recent theatre works as director or co-director include:
Cloning Ecstasy (25th Macau Arts Festival), Protean Cities (26th Macau Arts Festival), The Nether (28th Macau Arts Festival), Heavy Metal GirlsI Take Your Hand in MineHoly Crab!A Number, and Work at Home (Forum Theatre).

Recent theatre works as performer include:
The Elevator KeyThe Nether (28th Macau Arts Festival), I Take Your Hand in Mine; Holy Crab!Night Just Before the Forests (29th Macau Arts Festival), OleannaA NumberThe Lesson, MacauWork at Home (Forum Theatre), and Song from Far Away.

About Dirks Theatre

Dirks Theatre is a theatre company passionate about creating theatre performances in collaboration with artists across various disciplines and cross-cultural heritage. 

Dirks Theatre believes in theatre as a practice, which emphasises the intimate relationship between the theatre space and the daily living bodies. Through interrogating the performative body and imagination, the company aims to rediscover the poetic in life, and to enhance their abilities in transforming such sensitivity and creativity into the theatrical space.








17 Dec 2022


3 PM


ITI Studio 1


Free with registration


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