Butoh Workshop: Mind-Body Movement by Sankai Juku (Japan)

Presented by Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay in collaboration with Intercultural Theatre Institute.

About the Workshop
Semimaru, one of the principal dancers and founding members of Sankai Juku, lead this 6-day workshop that culminates in a presentation showcase on the final day. Asking the central question, “What makes your body move?”, the workshop aims to give participants the space to observe the relationship between the body and mind. Does the body start moving first? Or does the mind move before the body? Sometimes the body seems to move independently. Through deliberate and close observation of their own bodies, in a range of exercises under different conditions, participants will learn how to awaken a heightened level of mind-body consciousness. The training focuses on the following areas: feeling and releasing tension, transmitting waves within the body, breathing, feeling gravity and rhythm.

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22 - 27 Apr 2014


5 hours daily at various timings


Intercultural Theatre Institute and Esplanade Rehearsal Studio

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