An Appreciation of Noh and its Transcultural Effects

A Lecture-Demonstration by Prof Richard Emmert

Presented by TTRP in collaboration with The Substation

Richard Emmert discussed and demonstrated the various performance elements of Noh drama, Japan’s classical theatre form which originated in the 13th century and is still performed today throughout Japan. Noh combines dance, chant, music and mask in a powerful and highly aesthetic performance experience requiring intense inner concentration and physical discipline by its performers. Emmert showed various masks and several video excerpts from Noh, and also discussed and performed sections from his own English Noh productions.

Richard Emmert is a certified Kita school Noh instructor who has studied, taught and performed all aspects of Noh theatre in Japan since 1973. He is one of the key teachers of Noh and will be conducting a series of seminars for TTRP’s actor-students focusing on the history, theory and dramaturgy of Noh. These will complement the students’ actual training in Noh, in which they will learn movement, vocalisation and some of the traditional roles.




20 Jan 2006




Guinness Theatre, The Substation

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