2-Day Devised Theatre Workshop

Devised or Collaborative Theatre is rapidly becoming one of the most popular and innovative genres of contemporary theatre. This is reflected in the increasing number of international companies devising their own work and a dramatic shift in actor training. The devising process can be defined as knowing where you are coming from, but not knowing where you will end up. In other words, the creative outcome is original, current and unforeseen. As such it is one of the most thrilling and terrifying experiences that theatre has to offer. During this two-day workshop the devising process will be broken down to its bare bones, identifying the various stages (Point of Departure, Research, Exploration & Improvisation, Scoring, Performing) – highlighting the opportunities and pitfalls you may encounter on the way. Participants will be guided in the creation of short original works that use a variety of departure points: a specific site or location, an image, an object, a short story, a character or personage, an issue, etc. During the devising process participants are encouraged to explore, apply and integrate the vocabularies of body, space, voice, text, light and objects. A vital part of Bert’s approach to collaborative creation involves the welcoming of accidents, mistakes and failure as exciting opportunities for discovery, surprise and creativity. Incorporated in the workshop are elements of actor training that relate to presence, quality of being, dance of opposition, energy, how to incorporate ease, form, beauty and wholeness, voice work, text explorations and choreographic tools.



Bert Van Dijk is a theatre director and pedagogue of international repute, who has directed numerous productions in a great variety of genres:  mime, devised theatre, physical theatre, bi-cultural, inter-cultural, musical, classics, community and outdoor theatre. After directing a number of productions using the Michael Chekhov technique (The Greeks, Company, Salome, Othello, Metamorphosis and Agamemnon), Bert refined his working knowledge of the MC method at the 2004 International Michael Chekhov Symposium in Croatia. He has taught various aspects of theatre including voice, acting, and movement since 1990. He has a PhD in Intercultural Theatre from the Victoria University of Wellington.





11 - 12 Apr 2015


10AM - 4PM


ITI at Emily Hill, 11 Upper Wilkie Road


Fee: $160 (standard), $120 (students)

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