Wong Jin Yi

COUNTRY Singapore

Wong Jin Yi

Wong Jin Yi is an actor and theatre practitioner based in Singapore. She was part of Young & W!ld’s graduating cohort of 2019, performing in their showcase Anything Can Happen/Something Must Happen. She has also performed in productions by NUS Stage, most notably The City Remembers (2018) and The Golden Record 2.0 (2019).

Jin Yi has conducted workshops in Viewpoints, in collaboration with the Playwrights Commune (2021).

She came to ITI to further her understanding of the origins of theatre and to become acquainted with her body as an instrument for creation. To this end, she continues to pursue training in movement forms outside of those taught at ITI, including Odissi at Chowk and Taiji.

Jin Yi plans to expand her interest in theatre-making by pursuing avenues of playwriting and directing in addition to performing. She aims to create work that reflects the complexities of the human condition.


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Last updated: 5 December 2022