Saran Jith



Saranjith has been researching, exploring and working in theatre, music and visual arts since 2007. He has been conferred a bachelor’s degree with a focus on painting and sculpture, and an MA and MPhil (research) in Theatre Arts.

Over the past nine years, Saranjith has exhibited his paintings in several state and national exhibitions in India, and has acted in more than 40 theatrical performances in India and Singapore. He has been awarded state and national level acclaim many times for excellence in painting and acting during his university studies in India.

Several of the productions he has acted in were staged in national and international theatre festivals in India, in cities such as Mysore and Kerala. Notably, he has worked on several projects commissioned by the Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy and Kerala Lalithakala Academy.

Saranjith has also worked as a musician accompanying classical dancers in India and elsewhere. In Singapore, Saranjith has collaborated with Chowk Productions as a set designer, musician, and performer, and with SRI Initiatives as a musician. In 2016 he performed with Martin Schick from Switzerland in his production, Halfbreadtechnique, commissioned by Esplanade Theatres for the Da:ns Festival.

Saranjith also practices the mizhavu (Kerala traditional percussion instrument) under the reputed tutelage of Guru Kalamandalam VKK Hariharan.

He is also a certified lecturer in India, a recognition awarded by the Indian University Grants Commission.

After ITI, Saran plans to continue his academic studies and pursue a PhD in Theatre back in India, while training people and performing with other practitioners.


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