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Regina Toon 2023

Regina Toon is an actor, singer-songwriter and filmmaker who creates and performs under the artist name Ora 晰月. She trained in East 15 Acting School (UK), Intercultural Theatre Institute (Singapore) and has travelled extensively around the world, researching and experiencing various traditional and contemporary performance systems. 

Primarily trained as an actor, Ora’s recent stage performances include a devised theatrical piece, Life, performed with the Nanyang Collective as an experimental contemporary music concert at the Esplanade Recital Studio (Singapore) in February 2023. In November 2021, after releasing her first music single《戏场》, she was awarded the Most Promising Youth Award by SCAPE at SingVoice, a competition for Mandopop singer-songwriters. She has since continued singing and making music. Relatively new to filmmaking, she has written, directed and produced Heart Shape 莲蓉包》(2021) and Sunny (2023) with Viddsee Studios.

Ora is also a published poet, with her collection, Coordinates, published in 2016. As an artist of multiple disciplines, she believes that it is not about what modality she uses, but what story she tells. She hopes to tell stories which can take the audience on colourful journeys into diverse worlds, and bring about healing, inspiration or discovery within them.


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Recent works: 
1. Germination, Siong Leng Musical Association (2021) 
2. 《戏场》Play (single) (2021) 
3. Artist, Presence (2021, as part of The Last Chapter, The Substation's SeptFest 2021; The Substation) 
4. Co-director, Heart Shape 莲蓉包 (short film) (2021, Viddsee) 
5. Performer, Fantasia - Nanyin Reimagined (2021, Siong Leng Musical Association; Esplanade Concert Hall)
6. Performer, Life, Nanyang Collective, Esplanade Recital Studio (2023) 
7. Director, Sunny (short film) (2023, Viddsee)

Recent awards / achievements: 
1. Top 10, SingVoice 2021 (a competition for Mandopop singer-songwriters) 
2. Most Promising Youth Award by *SCAPE at SingVoice 2021


Last updated: 5 July 2023