Ramassamy S.



S. Ramassamy (a.k.a. Ram) holds a Master of Performing Arts in Theatre and Drama (MPA) from Sri Sankaradass Swamigal School of Performing Arts, Pondicherry University, India. In his studies, he explored the bridging of research and practice into a meaningful body of work, an approach which he then adopted in his acting and directorial work.

Post-graduation, Ram continued his theatre practice under the guidance of Dr Prabath Bhaskaran (Pondicherry University) to further his research into spiritual actor training in India. Ram also has training in the body-and-mind focused disciplines of Kalaripayattu (Indian martial art form) and yogic studies.

As a theatre activist, Ram formed the Velippadai Theatre Movement in Kuruvinatham village in Puducherry as a platform and avenue for innovative thoughts, self-expression and critical mind amongst the students, youths and others in the rural community. “I’ve always believed that theatre-making is a social effort, not an individual journey. The openness of ITI has been invaluable in re-affirming that.”

He has participated and performed in the International Festival of Theatre organised by the National School of Drama (NSD), Delhi, India in 2012. He was also a crew member in the International Theatre Festival of Kerala (ITFOK) in 2010 and in the International Women's Theatre Festival held at Puducherry in March 2012.

Ram is back in India and has continued his community theatre work and conducted various online private workshops for university students on theatre. In 2017, he performed Kantan (邯鄲) in a non-traditional theatre space in Pondicherry.

Recent works: 
1. Speaker, private workshop on theatre exercises to students from the Department of Performing Arts Pondicherry University (2021; Online) 
2. Speaker, Thinking Body and Moving Mind (private workshop) (2021; Online)
3. Panelist, Theatre Talks (2021, Tamilnadu Progressive Writers and Artists Association)


Last updated: 19 January 2022