Li-chuan Lin (a.k.a. Aki)


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Li-chuan Lin (Aki) is a freelancer based in Taiwan.

Aki's artistic journey began at a young age when she learned to play the piano and paint, having inherited artistic ability from her grandmothers and her mother. She holds a Bachelor of Social Science in Multicultural and Linguistic Studies from Tamkang University.

In 2021, she received the Youth Art Development Grant from the Taiwan Ministry of Culture and invited fellow ITI alumni, Seng Soo Ming and Ora (Regina Toon), to collaborate on a cross-border project. In November 2022, they staged the independent production “囚- The People In A Square” in Kaohsiung, Taiwan and “囚- Two Lines In A Square” in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The play was inspired by Aki's FYiP work “囚 (qiú)-A Human in a Square”, which evolved into a series of works. Through text and performance, the play depicts the pressure and predicament of being trapped in reality and history. She has worked as a coordinator for the Theatrical Education Promotion Section in New Visions New Voices Theatre Company (影響‧新劇場), Taiwan, as a project assistant for various projects, and as a drama teacher in multiple primary schools.

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Recent work: 

1. Performer, Playwright and Director, 囚- The People In A Square, Youth Art Development Grant from the Taiwan Ministry of Culture文化部扶植青年藝術發展補助計畫 (2022), Li-chuan Lin-Lab_A創作實驗式
2. Performer, 奧斯維辛之後 (2023), Tigiloubeen Theater Company
3. Performer and Project Assistant, 戲遊時光‧時代迴聲 (2022-2023), National Museum of Taiwan History & New Visions New Voices Theatre Company
4. Performer, Hashtag (2021-2022), New Visions New Voices Theatre Company
5. Associate Producer, 十六歲正青春藝術節 16-year-old Art Festival (2021-2022), New Visions New Voices Theatre Company; Cultural Affairs Bureau, Tainan City Government
6. Performer, Playwright and Director, 囚 (qiú)-A Human in a Square (2020), Shu-Te University / Hengshan Art Festival

Last updated: 18 January 2024