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Grace Kalaiselvi

Grace Kalaiselvi is an independent theatre actor, director, educator and writer. An alumna of the Intercultural Theatre Institute, she hopes to create more works representing the suppressed and minorities. Working in both English and Tamil, she creates productions suitable for young audiences, teenagers and adults. Some of her works include Come Back Home, The Indigo Jackal, Marma Medai -Theerppu, Watching the World Go By, Paper Paravai & Amma’s Sarees for The Esplanade; Rasanai, 3FVU for T:>works for N.O.W Festival and Angry Indian Woman - The Trial for Singapore Writer’s Festival. Her independent creations include the Mother I series and Goddesses of Words series. She has also acted in The Silence of a Falling Tree & 0600 for Singapore International Festival of Arts and a line could be crossed and you would slowly cease to be & Precise Purpose of Being Broken for M1 Singapore Fringe Festival.  


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Recent work: 

1. Actor, Happy Indian Women (2023) | The Necessary Stage
2. Co-creator & Actor, Come Back Home (2023) | Polyglot Theatre x Esplanade – March On Festival 
3. Writer, Director & Puppets Creator, The Indigo Jackal (2022) | Esplanade – Kalaa Utsavam
4. Lead Actor, Mani (2022) | Television 
5. Playwright & Director, Marma Medai – Theerppu (The Judgement) (2021) | Kalaa Utsavam 2021, Esplanade Theatre Studio
6. Writer, Director & Actor, Can't Afford to Fall Sick (2021) | SITFE's SOLO/ORAY AAL, Drama Centre Black Box
7. Director & Writer, Rasanai: An Invitation to Appreciate (2021) | Brown Voices / T:>Works' Festival of Women N.O.W. (2021), Online
8. Director, Amma's Sarees (2021), Esplanade's PLAYtime!; Esplanade Theatre Studio & Online

Last updated: 30 January 2024