Henrik Cheng

COUNTRY United States


An American "theatre generalist" now based in Singapore, Henrik started their career in theatre while double majoring during their undergraduate studies. Henrik utilised their organisational and leadership skills learned from their service in the United States Marine Corps, and found stage and production management a joy. After nearly six years of amassing the ability to be an effective communicator by translating creative ideas of directors to pragmatic designers, Henrik decided to try their hand at theatre direction. As a theatre director, Henrik further honed their ability to steer and focus their creative ideas while taking on the creative input from their actors, designers, and theatre technicians. Finding the challenge to work, learn, and create with diverse practitioners as a strength to their works eventually led Henrik to the Intercultural Theatre Institute, where Henrik was engaged in an institution renowned for its immersive and rigorous environment for collaborative creation.

Henrik has joined Freeman APAC after their graduation as a Show Director - Live Experiences, where Henrik spends their time conveying the ideas of the creatives into audience-focused experiences at the frontline to create strong connections between the audience and the brand. They see this as the most exciting and enjoyable aspect of their work. Henrik’s personal works gravitate towards providing hope, with an aim to heal or encourage positive and proactive change. When engaging their clients, Henrik focuses on their expressed desires to affect their audiences, and strives to be a collaborative entity in their process rather than just an outside operator.

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Recent works: 
1. Actor, kink (2020, The Necessary Stage: Playwrights' Cove) 
2. Collaborator, Part\wh (2021, contrary wagon / The Substation series we are not going back, we are coming around


Last updated: 15 January 2021