Caroline Chin

COUNTRY Singapore
RECENTLY COLLABORATED WITH Chowk Productions, The Substation

Caroline Chin2

Caroline was born and raised in Singapore. Prior to ITI, she found her love for acting in her O- and A-Level theatre studies courses which led her to discover her strong inclination towards dance and physical theatre. Since then, she has performed as an actor, dancer, and at times musician in Singapore, India, Bangkok and Mexico. She has also been involved in collaborations with galleries such as STPI and National Gallery for the Singapore Biennale 2019.

Outside performing, she also plays the violin and enjoys film photography as hobbies that occasionally find themselves crossing over into her artistic collaborations. In 2019, she joined Chowk Productions as a company dancer, and continues to train in Odissi as well as teach. Caroline prefers to remain ambiguous about her definite role as a performer, just as she strives to create work that is undefined by form or category.

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Recent works: 
1. Dancer & Musician, Pallavi Through Abstractions (2020, Chowk Productions / Esplanade Kalaa Utsavam)
2. Dancer, Pallavi Through Abstraction (2021, Chowk Productions; Drama Centre Black Box) 
3. Creator and actor, Waltz of the Flower (2021, The Substation's SeptFest 2021; The Substation) 
4. Dancer, Shifting Stances (documentary) (2021, Chowk Productions) 


Last updated: 22 June 2021