International Theatre Conference in Berlin focuses on Unique Actor Training Model from Singapore

Sasi Berlin


The actor training model conceived and developed by Singapore’s very own Intercultural Theatre Institute (ITI) will be the main focus of an international symposium in Berlin, Germany, on 3 – 6 December 2013. The event features demonstrations by ITI teachers and students, presenting a rare opportunity for European theatre school teachers to learn about the intercultural model of actor training pioneered by ITI in Singapore. T. Sasitharan (Sasi), ITI’s Artistic Director and Singapore Cultural Medallion recipient states: “The Berlin conference showcases ITI’s unique intercultural curriculum and philosophy, and celebrates the tremendous progress we’ve made since our inception in 2000.”

Attending the event on the ITI side will be Sasi, 3 faculty members and 7 actor-students, coming from Bolivia, India, Italy, Philippines and Singapore. Lina Yu, a Singaporean student, says: “I feel very fortunate to be an ITI student and honoured to represent my school in Berlin. For those who want to learn intercultural theatre and experience the true interconnectedness of different cultures, ITI is the place to be!”