Update on ITI's Premises

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There has been much uncertainty pertaining to Intercultural Theatre Institute (ITI)’s premises and campus. The following is an update on recent developments.

As reported last year in The Straits Times (20 July 2020), ITI’s continued stay at 11 Upper Wilkie Road was in jeopardy due to an impending hefty rental increase. There was a real possibility of ITI having to move out.

The lease for 11 Upper Wilkie Road is held by Emily Hill Enterprise Ltd (EHE) and ITI is an anchor tenant of EHE. EHE in turn leases the property from NAC; this is not part of NAC’s Arts Housing Scheme. The land owner is the Singapore Land Authority (SLA).

In 2017, ITI was informed by NAC that the lease for EHE will not be renewed beyond 2019. NAC proposed alternative premises but they were found wanting or unsuitable. Since then, ITI has conducted numerous and extensive searches for alternative premises. Although EHE later managed to extend the lease in December 2019 to December 2022, they were informed that the rental will increase significantly from 2021 onwards. In view of all this, ITI decided it had to move by early 2021 anyway.

After protracted negotiations by EHE with NAC and SLA, an acceptable rent was agreed upon and the lease for 11 Upper Wilkie Road was extended till 30 September 2021. Subsequently, after further enquiry by ITI, SLA indicated that they are agreeable to a direct lease with ITI for 11 Upper Wilkie Road from 1 October 2021, potentially for 3+3+3 years.

ITI is now working towards remaining at 11 Upper Wilkie Road and is in the midst of securing the direct lease from 1 October 2021 onwards.

We hope to confirm the good news in the months ahead.

For any enquiries, please contact us at admin@iti.edu.sg.