Navarasa Sadhana: Chiseling a Complete Actor

Venuji article

Kutiyattam master teacher Gopalan Venu's actor training system, Navarasa Sadhana — first developed at ITI at the suggestion of ITI Director T. Sasitharan — was featured in India Art Review. 

"Thus began a long journey that culminated in Venu developing ‘Navarasa Sadhana,’ a unique actors’ training methodology that acts as a bridge between India’s ancient legacy of abhinaya and the contemporary performers. G. Venu, or Venuji, as he is popularly addressed, explored the vast ocean of Natyashastra, and the actors’ training methodology of Kutiyattam for developing it. He was also inspired by the experimentations conducted at the beginning of the 20th century at Kodungallur Kalari, a centre of learning which was based at Kodungallur Kovilakam, the palace of the erstwhile royal family of Kodungallur." 

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