FYiP 2017

Final Year Individual Project 2017

ITI at Emily Hill
11 Upper Wilkie Road, Singapore 228120


This event is by invitation only. Please email if you would like to attend.

Original works conceived and performed by ITI graduating actor-students
The final-year theatre making individual project is a critical and integral aspect of Intercultural Theatre Institute’s curriculum for actor training. This is a project that the student begins thinking about, preparing and planning for the moment s/he starts ITI.Combining the objectives of a performance with the exploratory intentions of a creative platform, FYiP is the search that each student in ITI undertakes in order to find his or her own voice in performance.


Group 1A

16 May (Tue), 17 May (Wed) & 20 May (Sat), 8pm



By Teo Dawn

The Eskimo Wolf Trap is a practised myth that no one knows about. A bloodied knife stuck in a bed of snow eventually kills the wolf, which drinks its own blood through a sliced tongue.

“I am a hunter and I am hunted. I am a survivor, but I have died a thousand times over.”


The Line

By Namaha Mazoomdar

Mankind has evolved through turmoils and quakes, struggles and tribulations, holding aloft ideals of freedom, equality, and empowerment. Mankind has saluted those heroes who had the courage to stand their ground and fight for independence. But in all of this, has a line been drawn? Has mankind been unkind to womankind?


Fall. Falling. Fallen.

By Isabelle Low

In a world where we hear news of losses and tragedies so quickly and so conveniently, it is easy to feel sympathy. Here’s what the newspapers do not reveal about Clara’s life and what she feels beyond her status as a victim of tragedy. Here’s a possible snippet of her life that a 200-word article is unable to reveal.


Group 1B
18 May (Thu), 19 May (Fri), 8pm & 20 May (Sat), 3pm


By Vanessa Wu

29… 30…30…30…

The clock is ticking…ticking…ticking…

Will She find the flame before it’s too late?


Or is the flame even what she’s looking for?



By Shirley Tan

Reaching 40 soon, she is under pressure from her obsessive husband, Dave, to bear sons. She compares herself to an enslaved Chinese bride and admires the girl’s courage to flee, even if it is in vain. She does not love Dave, but had married him to fulfil her father’s wishes and to escape from her nagging mother. She questions whether she can bring happiness to her child in such a marriage. Maybe she should run away, before she gets pregnant.

(Performed in Mandarin)


Be Back Soon

By Henrik Cheng
There is comfort

when you know what to do.

There is safety

in doing what you remember.

But what happens when remembering

is why you cannot do?

Meet Sheng Yu. 


Group 2A
23 May (Tue), 24 May (Wed) & 27 May (Sat), 8pm

The Elephant and the Tree

By Uma Katju

In a forest, an elephant fell in love with a tree.

And then?

And then I’ll have to show you.

Hymen Instinct

By Sonia Kwek

“Are you ashamed of your desire?” (In the Realm of the Senses, 1976)

The maidenly Moon Goddess harbours a dark secret — she grows a penis every full moon. Meanwhile, the dancing Lady of the Night has a problem — she is unable to orgasm. Can we embrace our deepest desires without being a slave to them? Does purity matter in the pursuit of satisfying our appetite? Subverting the archetypes of the virgin and the whore, Hymen Instinct is a look at the right to an erotic experience of life and sex, where it all begins.

Advisory: sexual content and nudity


Between the Shoe and the Woman who Wore It

By Mathilde Bagein

“A shoe always stays a shoe. But a pile of women’s shoes… There should be a story.”

Served by texts of various authors and the body of a single actress, these shoes will get a voice to reveal their song.

Vintage Cream

By Desmond Soh

Each life deserves a celebration; each death, a memorial.

But we only remember when it’s gone.

Take a trip, in this performance-installation, together with the Ice-cream Man.


Group 2B
25 May (Thu), 26 May (Fri), 8pm & 27 May (Sat), 3pm

Urubhangam (The act of breaking the thigh)

By Saran Jith

“There is good and there is bad… they call it dharma and ad-dharma. Right and wrong, good and evil, gods and demons. But it’s never so simple… never black and white.”

A performance based on the tale of Duryodhana from the Mahabharata, who is killed through deception by the ideal man of the contemporary world, Sri Krishna. Although Duryodhana is a villain in the original play, here he is portrayed in a more balanced light.

(Performed in Sanskrit and English)


黑洞 - The Hole

By Regina Foo (符妙娟)

Somewhere in the universe, lies a planet made of countless stars delicately sewn together. One morning, a gaping hole in the ground is discovered. It is suspected to be made using a heavy metal-like object. While the hunt for the culprit goes on, the hole continues to grow bigger…


(Performed in Mandarin)


What, That’s It?

By Tan Weiying

Sorry dear, but it seems like no one’s coming.
Well, except the stench of your decomposing body. That’s coming pretty strong.
Someone should have discovered you by now.
Why isn’t anyone coming for you?

Oh, shut up.



By Wong Yunjie

A man digging and filling potholes on the beach.