Arts Engage Position Paper on the Proposed Amendments to the Public Entertainments and Meetings Act

The Media Development Authority launched a public consultation on its proposed amendments to the Public Entertainment and Meetings Act (PEMA) on 12 May 2014, with the view to ‘forge a co-regulatory partnership with the arts sectors’.

A key objective, stated by MDA, is to ‘empower arts entertainment event organisers to classify their own performances, while adhering to community standards’. To allow for ‘self-classification’, MDA is introducing a new Arts Term Licensing Scheme.

MDA consulted various arts groups through closed-door meetings last year, at which the opinions expressed in this paper were conveyed.

Since the announcement of the proposed changes to PEMA, Arts Engage has independently sought the views of artists and arts groups through its Facebook page. A Townhall Meeting was also held on 17 May 2014, with over 40 arts practitioners in attendance.

This paper aims to outline and reiterate the key concerns of many in the arts community regarding the new scheme.

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