‘Culture as Fiction’

29 Apr 2014, Tue, 11.30am
Ngee Ann Auditorium, Asian Civilisations Museum

ITI collaborated with Esplanade for the 2014 ConversAsians in conjunction with AAPPAC’s Annual Conference. Sasi was invited to give a talk about the definition of ‘Culture’.

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“If you brought different people from different cultures together, when they can interact in safety and security, the result is always something which will not diminish the individual, it will always enrich the individual.”

“Interculturality is a gift of one’s culture to another, and working in ITI is about this. It’s about the neutral exchange of gifts… And I tell the students this all the time, every time you walk into the studio and you propose, accept, offer, create something, it is a gift. And we have to accept this gift with gratitude and we have to make this gift wholly and completely or else the process will never work. So unless you’re prepared to enter this kind of zone where you can make such a gift, where you have the ability, the capacity, the attitude to make such a gift and to accept such a gift, interculturality will not work. This is how we do it in ITI.”